Thursday, August 13, 2009

You will get wet: Soaking in the Rain

Well someone over at River of Christ, Kota Damansara must have had a real good vacation and came up with a crazy idea of: a 6-HOUR NON STOP worship music event. Yep.

We had a "all-star" styled practice for the opening and closing songs, and here's the trailer!

Can't see the video? Go to :

Come come come!
15 Aug, 10am-4pm, River of Christ, Kota Damansara.

Facebook event page

Monday, August 3, 2009

Prophetic Evangelism - Mixed Feelings

Two months ago we had a blast with Sarah Yang and her Singaporean posse discovering the great benefits of Prophetic Evangelism. :P I put it that way because obviously we all know there are many ways to live an evangelistic lifestyle - relational, etc etc.

Well I guess prophetic evangelism is very powerful especially for such a time as this - when people are tired of religious information, and they are looking for powerful experience. Don't misunderstand the word powerful, I'm not talking about the usual power we churches associate with loud music, in-your-face sermons, flashing spotlights, majestic theater seats or even an intimidating crowd of 10,000 worshipers.
The power that comes with prophetic evangelism is the invisible force that whacks you into the awakening that God knows you personally and suddenly you feel like you are in this great orb of spiritual confidence that everything else doesn't even matter.

Having said that, I was still compelled to put out a 'disclaimer' that receiving prophetic words from God demands us to rethink our lifestyle as well (as if you'd think otherwise), and not just be all excited for something supernatural without incorporating the essence of the gospel - love.

Here an excerpt from the post:

Let me ask you a question.
Is it easier to:
A. prophecy with extreme accuracy over someone and say "now you believe or not?", or
B. to demonstrate the selfless and sacrificial love of Christ, and thus showing the message of the gospel?

Hint: When Jesus saw the paralytic man on the mat, he said, 'Your sins are forgiven." Then to show the skeptics he's for real, he says "Get up and walk."
We are to offer the love of God, by loving people, before we move in our spiritual gifting to prove it's real.
Lost people don't want history lessons on Jesus, or a summary of Christianity, OR A MAGIC SHOW ON HOW YOU CAN PROPHESY. They want love - the love that only God can give.
Evangelism is not just preaching the gospel, but living the gospel, showing the gospel by love.

If we had shared the gospel, but that person did not experience love from it, it didn't get through.
If your "prophetic moves" does not relate the love of God - forget it. It is nothing.
Your prophetic evangelism is nothing.

For those who have facebook you can check out the post here with all the great comments from the rest.
If you don't have Facebook, get facebook NOW!!! >:D - JL

PJGH Youth Drama - Six Who Died

Our friends over at Petaling Jaya Gospel Hall is putting up a drama performance over their place on Sat, August 15th.

Check out details HERE.

These guys always have some great stuff going on in their arts and drama ministries, so head over to check it out with your friends and family AFTER you leave Antioch Mosaic, of course. :P