Sunday, September 6, 2009

Beth Rapha Camp - Healing Communities!

A Typical Healing Ritual at Antioch

Woooh, talk about a packed past few weeks. First the 6 hour worship session, where people ultimately got soaked to the bone, metaphorically speaking of course.

Now we’ve got our camp, with the theme of being a Healing Community. Woah, enough said, I could have easily gone there with expectations to be healed from all this lethargy.

But my, was the healing/recovery I expected was way different from what I expected. I received healing through a different way than I would have expected, but being taught about something I would in return gain the awareness about what I was doing wrong, and hence that was what causes me to think that I’m always worn out, and tired out…

There was one main point that I received from the sessions that we had, that ultimately spoke to me, and perhaps I believe spoke to many others.

Let my heart be broken for what breaks yours.

What does it take for us to sometimes feel the pain of a broken heart? I personally have, and although I strive to forget that pain, I won’t lie to you and say, “Nah, it doesn’t hurt…it’s just like a twinge in your chest.” It hurts A LOT, to say the least. Hehe, but still to think that there’s someone out there who’s heart is experiencing immense pain because of something I did, or something I DIDN’T do. Sometimes we may not be at the liberty of helping God’s heart heal, but we can try and share in His pain, and see what we can do to help the situation.

For example : The poor/needy in this country - does it hurt you, if you see your beloved family members, suddenly put out of their homes due to a bad snare in this economic crisis, and having to beg on the streets. PRECISELY…there ARE people on the streets, whom have people who love them, but perhaps do not have the power/resources to help them as much, which is why they need our help.

It’s easy to talk, for sure. I know that, for I myself sometimes feel and confess that I lack a people’s heart. I wish I had one, but I don’t. I want to nurture one, and with God’s help, I believe one day, my heart WILL be broken for what breaks His heart.

Prophetic evangelism for me, experiencing something like this, or participating in this was something I was not accustomed to. But by letting go of ourselves/myself, I found that by just meditating, you will feel the spirit of the Lord just entering your soul, and whatever the outcome of that, don’t cage it, let it out, be it in dancing, singing, shouting, praying, crying. And through that the encounter with God will just change you, as it did me.

Hui En

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