Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The blog is back.

Apologies for the inconsistency of this blog - truth is, there is so much work and workers are few! Which is great, because God has truly been working through us in the year 2009.

It hasn't been an easy year. Antioch was like a young apprentice, scrambling after the master learning the craft. Many times we encounter frustration in the results, and each of us is sharpening each other as iron and iron (ouch!), but that if that is what it takes to bring unity and purpose to the church, that's what we willingly submit to. And the craft is, loving people.

This year, we are going to turn love into action. Elder Hok Seng says, "Jalan!" (that means 'Go!')
Awesome folks have come into our midst to teach us. It would take an entire page for us to acknowledge all of them.

On the 2nd Jan we worshipped together with this song:

Blessed are those who dwell in Your house,
They are ever praising you,
Blessed are those whose strength is in You;
whose hearts are set - on our GOD.

We will go from strength to strength.
Until we see You face to face

Hear our prayer, O Lord God Almighty,
Come bless our land,
As we seek You, worship You.

How blessed are we to know God? It's beyond us. With Jesus, we have so so much going for us.
A person who is blessed beyond reason shall be a blessing to others. I pray that Antioch comes into full bloom with that this 2010.

See you guys next Saturday!

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