Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Community Christmas Carnival 2009

This was the 8th year since the Kota Damansara Community Christmas Carnival commenced, and it was better than ever before. We are just so grateful that our KD friends from Banner of Love, FGA KD, River of Christ count us as worthy partners in this amazing event.

Here are some pictures:The hall pre-event

Setting up the vege
Uncle Edwin, our poster boy

Uncle Chris trying a hand at the marbles

Seng Chor setting the standards for vege darting

A song for all!

Hmmmhe hall pre-event

Coloring contest

Winners of the coloring contest

Kids anxious to have their faces painted

Uncle Hok Seng and Aty Pansy having a chat with the KD folks on job prospects

Jia Yein and Jia Hua telling the story of "The Happy Prince"

Ming Li!

Adults love the games as much as the kids!

Another amazing Christmas spent! Keep up the good work guys, and don't stop being a blessing!
We will have a thanksgiving tonight ( 6th January, 2010) at 8pm, at Banner of Love. :)

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